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Chapter 18 - Deploying UAA as a CF Application [single service instance][bind]

vlaskovic Posts: 13

Team and colleagues,


For Chapter 18 - Deploying UAA as a CF Application.pdf lab, if we try and bind per description:

cf brs local.pcfdev.io authz --hostname web-ui-bright-klipspringer

i.e. authz route service to web-ui follwing error is presented in console:

Binding route web-ui-bright-klipspringer.local.pcfdev.io to service instance authz in org pcfdev-org / space pcfdev-space as admin...


Server error, status code: 400, error code: 130007, message: A route may only be bound to a single service instance


as previously we have binded this same application to route-limit-service  cups.


Have I done something incorrectly during my exercise or this should be explciitly added as a direction in th labs in order to avoid confusion for me and other students

May you please suggest?



Thank you in advance,






  • Pete-Letkeman

    Slobodanka, I do have a few suggestions which may help you out:

    • Before binding the route services ensure that the UAA Guard Proxy service/app is working as well as the Web-UI services
    • By now you have a pretty good idea as to how to view the logs of all the services and apps that you have deployed. Is there anything in those logs which may point you to a solution?
    • Are you sure that you have provided enough resources to each service/app?
    • Are you sure that you have set the enviroment variables correctly?
    • You may want to restart the virtual image is possible. I know that the free PCF Dev tool can both be stopped and paused.
    • If things still are not working, then what if you start from the begining with all of the labs. You should find that the second or third time around things happen quicker. You may even be able to use your command line interface history to speed things up.

    All that said, while I think I did get future along then you with this lab I was still not able to complete it. The good news is that the rest of the labs do not require this lab to be completed. This means that you could complete everything else and come back to this once you have had some time to think about problem(s). 


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