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113-B16903-103 RV610 GDDR2_16Mx16 64bi Error

rajeshco80rajeshco80 Posts: 1
edited March 2018 in Hardware

My computer is DELL XPS 420 with 4GBs of RAM. I came up with Windows Vista originally. Since I wanted learn Unix and Oracle, I formatted the computer and installed Oracle Linux 7 in it. It worked couple of days. I forgot to power it down one day and it went to sleep. When I pressed Power button next day, I got this 113-B16903-103 RV610 GDDR2_16Mx16 64bi in blue screen; after that no keys are working. As soon as I press the Power button, this is what I'm getting.

I did some research, some said it could be memory issue. So, removed the memory modules, inserted them again, and restarted it. It didn't help.

Any advise? Appreciate.



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