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Chapter 12 - Setting Up App Monitoring with New Relic.pdf [EOF]

vlaskovic Posts: 13



In Chapter 12 - Setting Up App Monitoring with New Relic.pdf end with to blue arrows:

1. the left re-drects to: http://localhost:1313/visibility/firehose/index.html, whilst 

2. right re-directs to: http://localhost:1313/visibility/service-keys/index.html


May you pls check if this content should be removed from the lab else chould you complete the lab detils in case the URLs above are relevant for this exercise please?


Regarding the exercise it self, I can't connect to my app: Still waiting for data from application loads only.

Configuration for my PCF DEV environment CUPS added as Credential Parameters (optional): licenseKey:xxx (the revealed key from new relic).


May you pls assist?


Thank you,



  • Pete-Letkeman

    I had some connection issues as well with New Relic. What I ended up doing what closing all web browser instances on my local system, restarting the PCF Dev image and then waiting a few minutes and all worked as expected. Also, and maybe most importantly, you need to visit the site a couple of times to generate some infomration in the logs.

    Is there anything in your app logs which may help with this issue?

  • vlaskovic
    vlaskovic Posts: 13

    Thank you Pete.

    I will try what you've suggested.

    No, nothing in particular, everything seems OK.


    Will get back if I can't manage to pull logs.


    Thank you,



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