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Errata course content (LFS201, current version)

edited April 2018 in LFS201 Class Forum

--Slide 29.8. 'docker command'

At the bottom now reads:

    $ docker rm $(ps -a -q)

Should read:

    $ docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

--Slide 33.7. 'LDAP Authentication'

In 3rd paragraph, now reads:

    " (...) search base DN (domain name) (...) "

Should read:

    " (...) search base DN (distinguished name) (...) "

--Lab 20.1

Now reads "This is primarily because they do not try to cram files onto the innermost disk regions where access times are faster."

-->> typically it's the outermost cylinders that are considered more performant thanks to better access density.




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