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i am a gamer and i have windows 7 but i heard Linux can run my games faster

what are the ups and downs of lixus gaming compared to windows 7


  • ryannick700

    First off, it depends in what kind of gaming you're referring to. If you mean that Linux can run your WINDOWS games faster: that's a dirty, filthy lie. And here's why:

    1) Linux would have to either use an emulator (Such as virtual box) to run Windows (Which you could dual boot anyway) to play the game. Or apply Windows components (Using programs like WINE. *shutters*) to get a Windows game running. This, already, is going through more programs and processes than if you just ran the game in its natural OS, therefore bogging your computer down more than what the game would naturally.

    2) If you just try and get the game to run in the Linux OS with some Windows files (again, with something like WINE), you're in trouble. At this point, Linux would use generic ways to "talk" to your game. So if, heaven forbid, you need a specific update to run the game; you'd probably get your game to crash. Over...and over...and over... So to answer the question, does Linux run Windows games faster than Windows? To quote an appropriate line from the movie Cop Out: "No, No, No. No. HECK NO!"


    If you mean can Linux run Linux games faster than Windows games, the answer is probably yes. But, my own sneaking suspicion is that they (Linux games) run faster than Windows games because Linux games really aren't made to the same standards as Windows games, and therefore need less resources.

    My personal recommendation is to just dual boot Win 7 and the Linux distro of your choice; then give each OS the amount of space you want for each. (Most Linux installers give you the ability to do this easily.) It's far better to play a Windows game where it belongs: in Windows. Than to try and hassle with Linux to play a game that is totally foreign to it.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. I'd be glad to help. :)
  • dual boot Win 7 and the Linux distro explain a little more please.
  • Sure thing. What it is is that you would install Windows 7 just like normal. Then after that install the Linux distro of your choice. When you start to install linux the installer will ask you if you want to use all of your disk space, some of it, half and half, etc. You would then have two OS's on the same computer, making for a dual boot computer. You could choose which OS you would want to boot into when your computer starts up.

    If you would like further details, just let me know.
  • I have a windows 7 computer. I had it for about a year now it has 570GB i used 165GB can i still dual boot Win 7 and the Linux
  • Yep. Just pop in your Linux CD and follow the install directions to your choosing. If you need any help with the set up, just let me know. As a word of advice, you're going to want to give the Windows 7 OS more space than it has now. DO NOT GIVE WINDOWS ANY LESS THAN 200 GB! If you do Your Windows 7 data will be lost. I would not give Linux any more than 300 GB. But, if you follow those guidelines, you can safely and easily dual boot your computer.


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