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Setting up email server in Ubuntu Server 12.10

Shafiee Posts: 1
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I am trying to set up an email server in Ubuntu Server 12.10 . Could you please assist me? Here is what I did.

1. Installed postfix and dovecot

sudo apt-get install postfix dovecot

2. Configured /etc/postfix/main.cf such that hostname = mail and mydestination = example.com

3. Configured /etc/dovecot/dovecot.cf such that allow_plaintext_authentication = yes and mail_location=mbox:~/main:INBOX=/var/mail/%u

4. Changed file permissions such that all permisisons are granted for /var/mail and /var/mail/* using sudo chmod 777 /var/mail and sudo chmod 777 /var/mail/*

5. Restarted postfix and dovecot by using:

cd /etc/postfix

sudo postfix stop

sudo postfix start

sudo service dovecot stop

sudo service dovecot start

6. Created users using:

useradd user1

passwd user1

useradd user2

passwd user2

7. Used telenet to send a test email:

telnet localhost 25

mail from: user1@example.com

rcpt to: user2@example.com


Subject: Test



8. Used telnet to test POP3 server.

telnet localhost 110

user user1

pass user2

I get an internal error at step 8 of users other than the administrator. When I followed these steps only the administrator account is able to authenticate, send and receive emails. That also was possible after step 4. I had to do step 4 because the /var/log/mail.err indicated problems accessing the file system. I was also able to configure an email client to send and receive emails from administrator@example.com.



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