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Which Operating System?

I have a rather old, slow laptop that I would like to put Linux on. Out of the operating systems that I've used, my favorite is Ubuntu. Now that I'm looking for one to put on the laptop, I'm not sure whether I should get Ubuntu, Kubuntu, or Xubuntu. I will mainly be using the laptop for word processing and some web surfing.


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    Now is Linux for your personal use or is something career related, if it is personal I would go Ubuntu, but if you want to learn it to further your career I would go Cent OS, which is basically just like Red Hat and if certifications you are wanting Cent OS will also help with that. Hope that helps.

  • It's for personal use. Thanks
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    If the laptop has a slower processor or a weak video card I recommend xubuntu because it run better on weak hardware, however if the hardware is reasonably good ubuntu may present the best experience.


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