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My script to install a MS Domain Controller on Linux!

R.Heijmann Posts: 1
edited March 2018 in Command Line/Scripting

Hello there!

I've been writing an installation script for installing and configuring the linux counterparts for the most popular Windows Server features, for on a Raspberry Pi.

It configures the Raspbian OS with:


- PXE (for deploying images to workstations),

- DNS,

- Active Directory Domain Controller (powered by SAMBA),

- SSH, with Fail2Ban and Knockd,

- A cronjob that automaticly updates the system,

- Firewall,

- A self configuring SELinux.


Here it is: https://github.com/RHeijmann/Avorix-Domain-Controller/blob/master/Install-DC.sh


Keep in mind that this script is written with a few important things in mind:

 - As if it can run on multiple distributions. And thus contains many variables that simply translate commands depending on the OS it runs on.

 - As if it is able to place all the data files on to a single location (I'm still working on this functionality).

 - As if the user has no experience with Linux. This script checks almost every package installation and almost every start of a daemon.

 - Using the best security practices (security wise it is great, but still needs some attention to detail)!



It would be great to have some feedback!


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