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Would be First time user of Linux if (Allot of IF'S)

AlinNYC Posts: 2
edited March 2018 in Getting Started with Linux

Hi!-Here is where I stand:

-2 PC'-The Dell I'm type on and an old HP Mini 110-3735 DX-HP is where I  want install Linux

-I tried to install window 10 but 1GB RAM ( According to MSN has be 2GB)

-Is it same w/Linux??  If  Linux ok, then here's  my  follow-up.

-How do I ininstall windows 10 and  all that goes withn it? 

-I don't see how I can install Linux on the HP other than from a copy of Linux  from my Dell pc  on a USB .

-If this all work -Which Linux install-its mainly for Media> music-video-?casting??

Thank you so much!! Albert 


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