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Chapter 18 Lab: Causes of "uaa-guard-proxy redirected you too many times"?


Can you please point me in the correct direction as I'm getting the following error when I try out the deployment at the end of lab on chapter 18.

"uaa-guard-proxy redirected you too many times"

Thank you,



  • Pete-Letkeman

    Destroyed my PCF Dev instance and created a new one.

    After which I added the following apps and services

    • roster
    • web-ui
    • rate-limit
    • rest worker
    • newrelic
    • my-logs
    • mydb
    • rest-backend

    Once all of the above was working I followed the steps in chapter 18 labs and I still get a redirected too many times message when I access the web-ui app.

    Do you have any advice regarding this?

  • spgreenberg
    spgreenberg Posts: 86
    edited April 2018

    It sounds like you have some route confusion happening.  Can you post the value for your route services and your UAA configuration?


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