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Server distro question



I had used Linux until just over a year ago with a previous company, but have not used it since because I was not given an opportunity and do not know what has happened in the community. I was using Fedora(possibly 5) and RHEL, but now I need to install a new server and need some advice.

The server will do mostly a central syslog, some network monitoring and some homegrown scripts and web apps.

Is Fedora still good? I have heard that CentOS is basically RedHat without the logo, is that true? If so, is it any good? Are there any other distros that would work well for what I need it to do?

The server is a Dell 64-bit with 6Gig(?) of ram and two 500meg drives, and I doubt I will use the gui very much(if at all).

Thanks in advance,



  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Your needs are very basic, so nearly any server distro will work. The real differences you need to review are the package manager and official support channels. Fedora and Centos are still good, you can also review Ubuntu server, Scientific Linux or even Slackware.
  • saqman2060
    I find apt is very easy to use. rpm comes second. I prefer Debian based systems. Mainly Ubuntu. For servers, use Debian. It can be used with or without GUI. And will run your most basic tasks and advanced ones.
  • Bluzepher
    I want to set up a Linux server for home use. Mainly to teach myself server applications and Linux. I was an Unix admin many years ago. How do you fee about Ubuntu for a home server?



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