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New Good Install – Monitor Now Blank?

I just finished installing Ubuntu Server 12.04.1 on a new Pavilion p6-2117c desktop.

The install went good. I believe the install formatted the full hard drive. Therefore, Windows 7 is off.

When the install was finished, it rebooted and dropped me off at the user prompt. I performed ls –l and everything looked good. I left the system for about an hour and came back.

The monitor LED light is flashing and I see nothing on the screen. So I typed some keys to awake, still nothing.

I power on and off the monitor and it shows as if it is fine.




  • RSims
    RSims Posts: 146
    I saw in some of the most recent updates that hibernate mode was disabled due to being un-stable. I'd assume it causes issues such as yours. Fully updating and verifying hibernate mode is turned off will most likely fix your issue. Let me know =)


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