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Newer hardware, older OS and no software or drivers

I know this is not a Linux ?, but I need help please. I rebuilt for a friend a HP PC I had. It orig came with vista, but I only had win xp[ pro to install and he wanted windows. The onboard 6ch audio is not being acknowledged cause xp pro doesn't come with the software or drivers. I have a midi control panel, but it's all gray, I cannot click on anything. If I plug a device into one of the jacks that is recognized and does it's own sound, the panel comes to life only for that individual device. How can I make the onboard audio work with xp pro??


  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    Have you attempted to go to the motherboard manufacturer's website to see if updated drivers for xp are available?
  • Yes. I fixed. Motherboard no go cause Phoenix Tech. I bought tower and installed Ubuntu. No problems and am very happy. Also, I want to thank all you guys for your help on my other issues of getting zorin direct installed via grub2. It's the same system. :)Ever since I really started using Linux, I'm hooked and can't get enough. I just soak it all in. I really want a good source of reading material to teach myself more. Any suggestions??
  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    I am glad that your found the problem and have been able to properly install your chosen OS. One of my favorite sites for general information is wikibooks, they have many user created free books for several topics of your choice. Stop by there to see what is available and if you are looking for a specific task then we can refer you to specific books and sites.
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  • Try iLinux OS ( https://ilinuxos.com ). It comes with many Hardware Drivers pre-installed and you can run it from a USB Stick too!

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