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help with dell docking station

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Hi all,

I have a dell d630 latitude laptop and a pr01x docking station. I wanted to dual boot windows and linux so i dl linux mint 13 i did a fresh install of windows leaving space on the hd for linux. I installed linux and now i am able to boot to windows 7 or linux. My problem is now when i try to dock the laptop linux will not reconize the 2 external monitors plugged to the docking station. I want the dual monitors. If I can't get them to work I will kill linux and just use windows. I can see the grub menu when i start but after that nothing and i have to open the laptop lid to see linux. windows 7 sees the dock fine and everything works. in linux everything but the displays work. I get sound and the mouse, keyboard and network all work but no monitors. the laptop has an intel video card. I would like to dual boot but if i can't get this combo to work I will do a vm.

Thanks for any help !!


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    I can tell from the responses that there's probably no one here who uses this type of dock. I read the Thinkpad mailing list and have read that the Thinkpad dock works with Linux, but, I don't know if it's the same type of connection that Dell uses.

    You've probably seen this link:

    If you haven't, then it might help going through it to see if it offers any answers.

    I heard that in the newer kernels, Intel has drastically improved its video drivers, so, you might want to look to see if Mint offers a 3.5 kernel. I also here of more improvements in the 3.6 kernel. Since the problem is with the dual monitors, it might just be that the video drivers themselves are the problem, or, you need a custom xorg.conf to let the drivers see the dock.

    You might even want to look through the Thinkpad mailing list and see if there's answers there that might help you.
    Or even doing a search on the Mint forums using "pr01x" in the search string might help you.

    BTW - Killing the Mint install and putting it in a VM on Windows won't help much. VM's are just catching up with USB technology, I doubt if they have drivers for the docks. I'm not positive about that, but it is expected logic.


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