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Issues with Rate Limiting route service


Wanted to see and know if I am creating the route service the correct way, let me go thru all the steps one by one.

  1. Deployed Roster App Binding it to a DB and executing the curl (people) command against the random-route URL
  2. Now on Lab 13 able to create a user provided service with the following syntax "cf cups rest-backend -p '{"URL":"http://random-route"}' "
  3. Now on Lab 15, after deploying the rate-limit-route-service.jar, the next  step which state below  is what I feel I am not exeucting it correct

"Create a user provided service instance for your route service. Be sure you create an instance

of type route service."

I am using the syntax "cf create-user-provided-service route-service -r https://random-route-of-rate-limit-jar

Though I bind the route-service to web-ui App, I wouldn't get "too many requests" message when I try to access the web-ui app for more than 10 times within a min.

Can you please help in letting me know where am i going wrong regards to creating the route-service ?



  • GokayHuz
    GokayHuz Posts: 5


    CF CLI has two similarly named commands, one for binding a service instance to an app (cf bind-service), and another for binding a service instance to an HTTP route (cf bind-route-service)

    For chapter 13 lab, you should be using the latter command, specifying the domain and the hostname (alternatively the path as well). Make sure that you are using the correct command?

  • arunprasad6

    Thank you, I got what I was doing wrong!


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