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MS Outlook Replacement

This has been discussed many times in the past, but i haven't found a suitable solution.

I am looking (again) for a single email client that will replace outlook (not finding one is the main reason that I am still stuck on a MS platform after many years).

The problem is that a solution must be comprehensive. It must include the ability to connect to exchange server (in my case office 365) and thus the sharing of mails, contacts, calendars, notes etc.

[It seems as though this is the missing component of open/libre office]

Thanks for any suggestions


  • MS Exchange is a SW where a central server connects many users via a single interface that typically a web or email client, which enables users to share contacts, notes, to-do lists, scheduling and calendar information, as well as act as an email client. It is the big brother of OE, which is wind’s default desktop email client. However, why r u stuck up, don't know, but Evolution / Thunderbird / Zimbra Desktop or even IBM Lotus Notes..... which have rich features / equivalent almost like OL. Search on the net and u will get lots of info on the same with configure, installation, uses, requirements and more !

  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    Evolution or thunderbird might work for you
  • sysman
    sysman Posts: 2
    Thanks for the replies

    I have actually tried all of the email clients mentioned above. All of them fall down in some way or another.
  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    Well, that's the "beauty" of the closed source software if they use "tied up" approach. Eventually people will realize that's not acceptable... I'm losing myself here, you get my point though ;)

  • tools
    tools Posts: 5
    @sysman in my opinion there are no client on Mac, Linux or BSD which beats Outlook do to there exchange implementation.
    But I will say Thunderbird has come a long way, I would say. What is it you are missing in Thunderbird?
  • ayman
    ayman Posts: 6
    Hello I've got the same problem too


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