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Media players????

Hello. I am def a fan of Linux. I don't yet use it for my "reg os", but love it none the less. I need a free media player packed with audio and video codecs. I have VLC now and know there are better out there, but where??? Any suggestions pls.


  • By the way, my name is Levi. I am totally self taught and skipped the 5th grade straight to 6th. I got ADHD hella bad. I can really only stay focused on the things I love. I recently "rediscovered" my love for computers and electronics in general.
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    vlc pretty much has the best build with included codecs, I don't think you can find anything to compete in that category. However if you are willing to install the codecs yourself then you can check out amarok, dragonplayer, etc.. there is a pretty good list at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Linux_media_players
  • Difficult to find and install codecs?? I'm pretty good at figuring it out myself as long as it's not too complicated
  • Also, I have a Logitech dual action usb controller "same as playstation 2". Is there a way to set buttons to certain keyboard keys or just works on games with key settings??
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    depending on your chosen distro the methods and available package may differ, but as with all other software you only need to open your package manager application and type a keyword to search, in this case type "codec". look through the list and install what you want, the mplayer-codecs is a great package with many sources.

    As for your controller, it appears that is is supported in the kernel, so you will only need to configure the actions and calibration to get it to work.. you can checkout the guide at http://www.toastboy.com/main/logitech-dual-action-ubuntu-710/ .
    One thing that you will learn is that nearly all hardware is recognized out-of-the-box in linux based systems, the lack of user maintenance on Linux based systems will earn your respect soon enough.
  • Thanx a ton. If I install Linux in my Win 7 pc, can I do boot options for os without it effecting my win 7?? Also, a good version to run side by side if this is so.???
  • Yes, u can install any Linux distro as dual boot side by side win7. Linux has strong GRUB utility that can easily handle multi boot system and after installing it provides option / menu to choose which OS u want to invoke first. Choice of flavor depends on U! Though u can consider as Fedora / SuSE / Ubuntu / Mint or centOS (desktop) in which some r free and some r non-free.


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