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Project management



I'm thinking about write an scentific paper about project management, especificaly about Linux.

Who manage that and how.. How manage people away from each other?

I`m a Linux user for many years, I really want write about that.

My question is: Do you know where can i get information about that specific aspect?

I'm studying "TI project management", it's why I need write a paper, will be very good if I could study about Linux.


  • rechil_colin
    Though I am not sure, but if u want to organize scientific papers about project management on Linux, U can take help from any of the SW that available on Linux OS. This kind of SW is used by project managers looking to plan and control resources, costs and schedules to meet the objectives of a project. To help plan a project, there are a number of different types of project management tools in which Gantt Chart, which provides a graphical displays of all the tasks that a project is composed of. It should allow one to specify several different fields for each paper, such as:

    * Type: is it a conference paper, a journal paper, a technical report

    * Event: if it is a conference paper, then one should be able to specify which conference was that.

    * Title: this one is pretty self-explanatory.

    * Authors: should be able to input a list of all the authors.

    * Abstract: this can be a logical expression.

    * Bibliography: this might seem irrelevant, but imagine that u can specify which other papers a given paper refers
    Even u can use GPapers also !
  • jvolt
    jvolt Posts: 2
    My question is more about the Linux project.
    I mean, how is it's management? I know there are Linus and others, but... How to set deadlines, etc?

    Where can i get information about it?
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    All communications and management is handled in the mailing-lists at http://vger.kernel.org/vger-lists.html , you can read the archives to get a good feel for their style. Please keep in mind that the corporate developers have to follow stricter guidelines than the volunteers.


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