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Musician wants Ubuntu Studio on his Mini Mac....

MarkSwanson Posts: 2
edited February 2018 in Ubuntu

Enter a short description...I have a Mini mac on which I have run pro Tools recording software for some time. I have since moved to a different DAW that will run under Linux (Tracktion/ Waveform 9). Its a great program, and I think I'd like it on this Mac instead of what is on there now. 

I am a Noobie, I have installed Lubuntu on one old PC and it made it into a whole new machine, I love it. But it was a real learning experience for me, and I am happy to say it went very well. I am wondering if installing Ubuntu Studio on the Mac will be too difficult for me? Is it something a Noob like myself should not try? I don't need to do a dual boot or anything, just a straight replacement of the Mac OS. Thank you! 



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