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Looking for a kernel developer/expert with SE Linux - anyone?


I know of a great job opportunity in Silicon Valley for a very accomplished kernel developer with an expert background in Linux security (SE Linux). If you are, or if you know anyone who is skilled in this area, please reply to this post.


  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    The kernel has little to do with SELinux. That is an add-on service that is started after the kernel is booted. What exactly are you trying to accomplish, aside from trying to recruit someone whose expertise you are clueless about? :rolleyes:
  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    Rubberman: SELinux is highly tied up to the kernel.
  • rechil_colin
    "If you are, or if you know anyone who is skilled in this area,", this line is confusing !! R u a recruiter / trying to know better about SELinux to search a better job in this area..... It is actually maintained by NSA regarding to design / developments on kernel ver 2.6 on and after. This section is so vast, though it is one of the most comprehensive security frameworks in current scenario, but it is certainly not the only one, AppArmor, which was originally developed by Immunix and then maintained by Novell (SuSE), is an alternative to SELinux that also uses the LSM framework. I'm not sure, whether this reply properly knocks ur Q..... but for making a comparison, plz see their comparisons:
  • kzekanoski
    I will start off by saying that I am a technical recruiter. This, in no way means that I am a technical person (which, I'm sure many of you already know). There is little that I actually understand in regards to the Linux Kernel. I can, however connect great companies to quality talent, which is why I am reaching out in this group. The company I am working with is a data warehouse company and they are seeking a Linux Kernel expert. They need someone who has a deep familiarity with SuSE Enterprise LINUX and RedHAT RHES. This person will have to analyze LINUX kernel dump images for root-cause failures and devise patches. He/she will also develop 'c' programs and write scripts to configure a system. If anyone is interested, I would love to be able to connect you with this company. Thank you!


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