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Exam room requirements

senshi Posts: 2

Hi all,

I've scheduled my exam and I am curious about one of the requirements - the one stating that the desk should be free of electronics. I'll take the exam on my laptop, connected to my router by an Ethernet cable. At the same desk, I also have my desktop and its monitor. Will that be a problem for the exam? (desktop will be turned off during exam). I want to minimize any potential connection issues and really want to avoind having to use wifi from a random corner of the house.



  • Hi Senshi,

    I don't see any requirement like that, can you provide a screenshot or paste the text of it, please?

    Anyway, I don't see how these devices can be a problem.



  • senshi
    senshi Posts: 2
    edited March 2018

    Hi Luis,

    In the exam candidate handbook there is a line stating "Desk must be clear of all notes and electronics"

    I assume it refers to running computers or phones, but I wanted to make sure so I don't get any surprises when I'm about to start the exam

  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 1,128

    Hi Senshi,

    Yes, I bet it's for using the abilities and knowledge the student has accumulated in the training, instead reading notes during the exam. So I don't think you case is going to be a problem.




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