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Displaying cracked laptop screen on external

I was given a brand new HP laptop because the screen is cracked. The laptop works. I booted on my external monitor. This is my problem. I need to boot bios to access. External monitor isn't displaying till windows is booted. I need visual on the bios to run password reset program.


  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    Well, the bios won't output on any buy the built in screen. You can check ebay for a partially broken laptop of the same model to swap out the monitors.
  • I'm fairly good at fixings things. How difficult would it be to replace the screen myself??
  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    Generally you only need to have a screen from the same model, it is as simple as installing a peripheral, unscrew the mount screws, unplug the device and replace with the new monitor.
  • Thanks mfillpot. Do you by chance have any recommendations on my HP tower that I posted on the other newbie thread???
  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    Can you please post a link to the thread that you are referring to?
  • It's under newbie "won't boot or display on monitor". The next listing under this thread.
  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    I have been watching that thread for a while, there is no need for me to respond because Tom is leading you in the right direction, you only need to determine which hardware is dead, then the system will come right back up. The only thing I can add is to attempt to remove one piece of hardware at a time until the beeps change.
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