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What book would you recommend for a windows technician that needs to learn linux. I have worked with several OS's but never Linux. I need to learn as a newbie I guess all the way up to a certified technician. Must be easy to understand. Must be current information. Thanks for the input.


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    The administrative tools differ on each major distribution, so we can provide good recommendations if you can explain the reason that you want to learn about Linux based systems or the distro that you wish to learn.

    As for the basics, the kernel and basic background functions are the same for all distros, however to get enough information to be of value it would best to learn the basics of your chosen distro and get books onthe applications that fulfill the tasks that you wish to accomplish. Such as getting a book on Apache HTTP if you want to know about web servers, Squid if you want to setup proxys, etc... The brief explanation for this is that the tools and possibilities on Linux based systems are very in depth, so if you have immediate need then it is best to focus on the immediate goals.
  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    This site has some good resources for learning the basic functions of a Linux OS, basic and Advanced. If you want to get certified, this is a great place to start.

  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    Check out The Linux Documentation Project: www.tldp.org


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