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Advice as to which version…


Hello to all,

I'm looking for a little bit of advice.

Currently I'm running Windows 7 32-bit… 8 GB of RAM

I would like to utilize all 8 GB of RAM. All I know is I would need to be running a 64-bit operating system.

Some suggestions/advice/insight as to which Linux version to install.

I am a quadriplegic, so… Maybe a version that doesn't have too much problem with running a virtual box so I can install Dragon NaturallySpeaking within this virtual box.

Thank you in advance


  • WidmarkRob
    WidmarkRob Posts: 2
    okay, after looking around and reading a few articles… One article suggested Ubuntu for laptops was a good starting point.

    Any other distributions good for a starting point for a laptop, I am going to be learning a few programming languages in the near future.
    Python, Java, C# probably to start with… Any suggestions as to which distribution on a laptop.

    Thank you in advance
  • rechil_colin
    Ubuntu is good for beginners ! But if u want to do more u may also consider for Fedora(free) OpenSuSE(free) / SuSE Linux(non-free) / Linux Mint..... Now which Linux distro u want to use that depends on ur tasks / working criteria. Guessing ur purpose is for Desktop version so, u may consider the above also. See for more info:

    Happy Linuxing !
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    Dragon Naturally Speaking only runs on systems using the Windows OS. There are other Open Source applications such as "speakup", which may work in a similar fashion. They are listed in the repositories of Ubuntu/Kubuntu, so, if you're looking to install Ubuntu or Kubuntu, you're probably on the right track.


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