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Have one computer that has a now unusable XP Windows Media Center 2005 OS. Drive still good but all OS/data was lost. Would like to convert this to Linux for pictures and watching videos. I think all I need is a Ubuntu start up disk to load on the hard drive. Would there be anything else I would need to download?

If this works out I may convert my new computer with XP Pro to Ubuntu Linux and Wine to run my Windows programs that I don't want to give up yet: Word 2010, Bibleworks 8 and Roxio Creator 2012. At present my computer allows me to toggle between two keyboards, English and Hebrew. Would this feature available to me?


  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    Not sure about the keyboard, but you can definitely use ubuntu for pictures and videos. If you have the system for it, download ubuntu 12.04 and select "install third party software" when the installer starts.

    In fact, you are better off installing linux mint 10 on your system or if it is powerful enough, linux mint 12. It is based off ubuntu and has all the latest codecs for video and audio processing. You don't have to remove windows XP, just dualboot it with mint and you will have both XP and mint on the same system. That way you can still use your favorite apps.
  • Pat C
    Pat C Posts: 4
    Thanks for the quick response! :)

    MS Windows XP Pro SP3
    HP Compaq dc7800 x86based pc
    2 gig ram
    60 gig ss hd with separate data drive

    Would like best option for continued use of these Windows programs:

    Office 2010
    Roxio Creator 2012 Pro
    Bibleworks 8

    Xp allows me to toggle between an English and Hebrew keyboards for data entry.

    Would prefer not to have a dual boot system, if possible!

  • rechil_colin
    As u thought it is fine..... don't allow for dual booting. For running windows apps either by WINE / CrossOver SW. while crossover is non-free. Though it is more stable than WINE. But in Linux (any distro) may be some of the 3rd party SWs required for smooth running of video / pictures. There r lots of extension of video files so it is mandatory to check which formats u want to run and related apps with proper dependencies r also required.
  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    I'm not sure those programs will run fine under wine... :S (you'll have to check for yourself)


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