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Running Bibleworks 8 and Office 2010 with linux?

Fed up with the Windows ... have a dead computer that used to run XP Media Center 2005 ... Want to put Linux on it. Just paid a small fortune for Office 2010 and Bibleworks 8. What should I download with Linux so I can use them for something other than a paperweight? Please, anyone HELP me because...


  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    Can you tell us the specs of your computer, model, memory, cpu and disk space? This will help us determine the best OS to use. I recommend downloading linux mint in place of windows. Compatible with some of windows apps, but you can use wine to install MS applications.

    Linux mint
  • Pat C
    Pat C Posts: 4
    HP Compaq Presario Media Center 2005
    32 bit AMD 2100 mhz 2 gig ram boot drive is 80 gig IDE
    We used CapWiz for copying our dvds to data drive (got tired of digging thru boxes to find the movie we wanted to watch lol
    most of our files are .mpg we watched on windows media player. Can linus read them? IF so how! What linux apps would be best to replace recording and viewing tasks. WIll we need to convert our NTFS data files?

    We do have other hard drives we could use: sata 40g or sata 80g


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