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KDE China User: A KDE Meeting in Beijing

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On March 30th,2012, at Beijing, China, a grand meeting called KDE China User was held. This meeting has provided KDE users, community members and technophiles concerned about KDE’s development with a nice “face-to-face” opportunity, to discuss about KDE’s latest and cutting edge technology trends. Read on to find out what transpired at the meeting and what the future might hold for KDE in China.

About the organization

The meeting was sponsored by RedFlag Linux and held by Linux-ren.org. RedFlag is the biggest Linux vendor in Asia and has long been using KDE software by default in its desktop Linux, promoting KDE in China. Linux-ren is the biggest Linux community in China and has its own community release, Qomo Linux, also using KDE software. Both organizations have been fostering a great number of KDE software users in China.

The meeting

At the meeting, Rick Xing, Director of Linux Desktop research and development at Red Flag, gave us a detailed introduction on the history of KDE. He technically clarified the development history of KDE software, from KDE 1.0 to the latest Plasma workspaces, applications and KDE Platform. In particular, he made a in-depth introduction to the latest KDE software, and gave a live demonstration of the Plasma Desktop workspace and its various visual effects and capabilities.


[align=center]KDE China User group discussion[/align]

A salon discussion took place at the end of the meeting. Within it, Rick Xing and Zuo Hongsheng, the leader of Qomo project, had an intensive discussion with participants on topics such as KDE’s current situation, how to participate in the KDE community, how to effectively translate news and documents of KDE, and how to better support the localization and popularity of KDE.

The future

The discussion has placed a eager hope for Linux-ren.org to assemble resources from the community to timely and correctly translate KDE’s official news, technology materials and such, and integrate into RedFlag Linux and Qomo Linux the translated version of KDE summary info to better serve KDE China Users. Linux-ren.org is pleased and ready to realize the hope.

Linux-ren.org will continue holding such KDE user meetings in future, and will bring similar discussions into many Universities in China.


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    I'm a KDE user myself, thanks for the post.
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    I use KDE with Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 and Love it =)
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    Are you using Kubuntu or actually using Ubuntu, but, with KDE installed after the fact ... just curious.


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