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Good to be back.

RSims Posts: 146
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I haven't been able to post for a while due to being busy. I finished up everything to get my AAS CIS Degree (Associates of Applied Science in Computer Information Science) yesterday and I'm already enrolled and scheduled to start my bachelors. Basically I've just been busy with life. It's good to see all the old faces still posting. Good to post again myself.

How has everyone been?


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    As I said in another thread, welcome back, we missed you. Congratulations on getting your degree and good luck on your bachelors. It's a great field to be in these days, not much else has listings in the job market.

  • RSims
    RSims Posts: 146
    Yeah surprisingly enough Springfield, MO. actually has a high demand for programmers. Looking forward to switching to programming from computer/network break-fix repairs.


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