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[Resolved]DVI to HMDI Linux issue, Black Screen.[Resolved]

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Hey everyone its been a while, I have been busy with school and life it's good to be posting here again. So January 24th I turned 27 and my lovely fiance bought me a new LCD HDTV 22" to use as a monitor. I of course was thrilled. However on my dual boot system when I tried to go to Ubuntu 11.04, all I get is a black screen past the grub boot loader. I have a ATI Radeon HD 4850 with DVI connections and an S Video, my monitor has one HDMI connection. I am using a DVI to HDMI adapter then a HDMI connection to my monitor. I have to admit I have not spent much time on this yet, but since it gave me a reason to post I thought I would see if someone else has ran into this and fixed it, or if anyone had some good advice on what to do. I realize I'll probably have to hook up my old monitor to begin repairing the issue but thought I would start out with some good advice first.

Thanks for the help can't wait for the feedback.


A fresh install of Kubuntu or Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 both worked perfectly, however at this time there is an issue installing Ubuntu 12.04 then installing KDE as an option, I'd install Ubuntu with Unity or Kubuntu for KDE until this issue is resolved, it has been reported and is being worked on. My monitor however works perfect by default on both systems.


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    I haven't had to use DVI to HDMI, my connections are all HDMI to HDMI, but, I had to go in to PulseAudio to change the settings for audio. When the HDMI was plugged in, PA still showed output to the default speakers and I had to change it to one of the HDMI settings. Take a look and see if the setting for both video and audio are pointed to the correct settings, although, I don't know if using the DVI port will restrict audio, and you might have to use a separate audio cable.

    BTW - Welcome back, we can use all the help we can get. Hope school and job are going well. Glad you made it further though, well, school and life, heh ... seems to get harder every year.

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    Thanks GoinEasy9 it's great to be back. I'll try it as soon as I get around to it. Since I recently installed 12.04 on my laptop I havn't gotten around to messing with it. I think i'll try putting 12.04 on as a fresh install and see what happens, then if it's not working i'll do as you suggested. Thanks for the tip.


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