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Help for noobie please

Sonns79 Posts: 2

Hi I am new to Linux and I really miss the games I used to play on Windows.I have managed to get a couple of free downloadable games working using Wine or Crossover.I love the games from Myplaycity.com and I have managed to get a couple of simple card games working but I want I really want is some good advice at configuring my system to have the best chance of getting these games to work.I dont want to have Windows installed because I had so many problems before but are there specific parts of Windows I can install to help make things run/


  • Sonns,

    If you're using Wine right now you've already discovered the best way to play windows games on Linux. If you're curious as to what has been confirmed to work and what hasn't check out the wine appdb:http://appdb.winehq.org/. Aside from ratings that will let you know whether something works or not there are also usually helpful configuration tweaks and howtos on the individual game pages.

    Past that you might want to look into simply running a windows VM if your system can handle it. Wine does a great job but 100% compatibility with every game is not something you're going to get.

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    Hey MM:

    What if Sonns also tried Play-on-Linux or subscribed to TransGaming's: Cedega? Not to say that either are better than Wine, but it might be a good idea to just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.


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