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setting the time in snowlinux 2

Sorry for the newbie question but im trying to keep my sanity while trying to reinstall all my os's. i installed the snowlinux 2 lxde version and i want to know how do you change the time on the desktop. i went to there sight and no luck for me cause eather its new enough and i cant find info on it or most of the stuff on there forum is in german and i dont speak or read it. ive tried google and most of what ive seen is intro on the distro. so any info would be great thanks .


  • Goineasy9
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    edited April 2012
    Sorry for the delay, but, I guess we don't have any snowlinux users here. In KDE I look in System Settings in the Administration part of the menu. I know you're using the lxde desktop, and, while I'm still not familiar with it, I'm surprised it doesn't have some kind of system settings application of it's own. Have you tried right clicking on the time? It might bring up a sub-menu that will allow you to change the time.

    BTW - I use "siduction" which also has a large German following, and, while they're still working on changes to their forum to make it more English friendly, I've found that Google Translate helps me through the German part of the forum.
  • sonic67
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    Ok thanks for the info. ill give that a try when i reboot. i had it set up at install but evidently it went to what it wanted to use i guess.
  • sonic67
    sonic67 Posts: 4
    Sorry i didn't give all disto info. it is snowlinux 1 cold version lxde. And i tried the sudo command you said to use MasenM ,when i would change the time and time zone it would put the utc time on my time and it would put my local time 3 hrs behind. And i cant get on the net ether so i got a feeling that has something to do with it too. so its got me baffled and not a good thing for a newbie like me to try to figure out. i know my other distros automatically found my Internet connection and my hardware so im wondering if i might have a bad download of the distro or something. so thanks for the help you give me, i know i got a long road in trying to learn the Linux stuff. But ill get it figured out (i hope lol)
  • sonic67
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    Well here is an update on installing the snowlinux distro. evidently it is a really freaky distro or something cause i installed it on my other computer which is an older dell 4550 and it booted and updated itself and runs like a charm. And i haven't the foggiest idea why it did so again thanks for all the help.


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