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Terminal Linux

Is there a linux that is completely based off of terminal (no desktop). I want to be able to completely get into a computer without dealing with a desktop or any of that.




  • You can try Debian.

    It is well supported.
    The core system is reasonably light-weight.
    It has everything you need in its package management system.

    You can opt not to start X and just work on the terminal.

    Or try the Ubuntu minimal CD then just install only what you need. Ubuntu is based on Debian.

    Or if you're on the security side, try Backtrack. It initially boots off of terminal.
    If I'm not mistaken the latest Backtrack, Backtrack 5, is based on Ubuntu 9.04.

    Apt-get is fairly easy to use so updating isn't going to be hard.

    I'm using Mint with GUI but mostly doing my work on a terminal.

  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    You can install just about any Linux distribution in a text-only mode. Myself, if I am installing a server, I install it with a GUI, but don't enable it. Then when I want to use the GUI tools (less prone to terminal errors), I can easily do that with the "startx" command.


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