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Screen goes to sleep before install


Hi all,

I am attempting to install the latest Ubuntu release on a brand new box that does not have an existing OS on it from a CD burnt from the download. The only problem is that I see some of the boot-up screens, then my monitor goes into power save mode and cannot be persuaded to come out of it. The install is doing something because if I press enter the CD spins up again like it's moving on through the process... I just have no idea what it's doing, which is less than ideal.

Anybody know what I can do?



  • Great Ape
    Update: through meddling with the boot menu I managed to access the "GNU GRUB" which gave me three options: install Ubuntu, Try without installing and check the disk. I've tried all three and in all cases the monitor just decides it has no signal and goes to sleep.

    Even though it's a brand new computer, looking at the boot options, it doesn't appear that booting from USB is an option.
  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    You say this is a new system. Have you configured the BIOS as yet? Have you set the system date+time? What about other BIOS settings? This may be contributory to your Linux installation problems.


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