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network proxy configuration???

Why do I keep getting i's reading 'could not find a usable proxy configuration script'? What is it? Do I need to fix something?-Once again I am clueless, plz enlighten me on this...


  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    can you copy/paste the error that you see on your screen? Also, what proxy system are you uses?
  • squeek78
    squeek78 Posts: 11
    Havent figured out how to cut and paste yet, or know anything about proxy system/where to look.
  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    What linux distro are you using?

    What desktop environment? kde? gnome? xfce?

    Where are you seeing that error message?
  • squeek78
    squeek78 Posts: 11
    I do not know the term distro, so I cannot say, or even guess. I have seen kde somewhere, so I'm assuming that would be the desktop envirnoment. I usually see the notification pop up in the lower right corner of the screen, then accumulate in the task bar within the icon of the circle with the i inside, until I go through and delete them. They generally pop up as I am switching through sites/pages on the web.
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    If you can take a screenshot of your desktop and post it here, we might be able to identify it for you. You can install an application like ksnapshot or shutter to take the screenshot. Just look in your menu's for a screenshot program. Most installs come with it. If you can't find one, go to your Software Management application, which may be called Add/Remove Software, and do a search for either of the above apps, install one and follow the directions for taking a screenshot. By deafult, if you click on take screenshot, it will take a shot of your whole desktop.


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