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Doing some research


Hi all,

My home (Windows) computer died recently, and I'm considering replacing it with a Linux box. I tried this once before ten years ago (sigh..) but it was too cumbersome. I mainly use my home computer for the internet, photos and home admin. No gaming or anything like that.

From what I've found so far it seems Ubuntu would be the best flavour for me. I'd also like to check some other things:

1) I use 'Sandboxie' to run my web browsers in a sand pit. Is something equivalent available for Linux?

2) Is there an equivalent of 'FileHippo' to notify you of updates to installed programs?

3) Is there an equivalent of 'SpyBot' for removing spyware?

4) Is there such a thing as a Remote Desktop client for Linux?

5) I'm also interested in hard drive encryption and having dual-boot (the other being Windows) capability. Is there any conflict between these?

Any advice would be appreciated.



  • dale1966
    dale1966 Posts: 17

    I use to use Ubuntu 11.10 and it installed directly from Windows and had it own duel boot, the problem with that that it sets it own amount of hard space. I duel boot with CentOs and just make sure you shrink the hard drive to the amount you want. I use partition wizard or get something like that. I am not sure if all the above is available, if I have to guess I say yes Linux has a hold array of applications and application store that windows doesn't. I would go get Whine it is a Linux application that lets you install other windows applications. If you have never used Linux before I would go to the Ubuntu web site and get to know it before you install it. . I think all the above is in Linux but are called by different names hope that helps
  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    1- Haven't ever checked
    2- you do not need this in linux distros: the package manager takes care of it
    3- Spyware? in linux? Pretty hard to find some... however, check ClamAV
    4- Yes, there is. As an example in KDE http://www.kde.org/applications/internet/krdc/
    5- No conflicts that I know about



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