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Some quetion about developing on the Linux


I used to be a phper, and now I want my web application run on the linux.I have the following quetion.

I'm curious about what advantage linux take over the Windows.Except for free money.

Which version is suit for php to build up the website.

If there are any friendly source I can get in the internet, please give some advise.

And any nice experiance you have, would you mind sharing with me?

Thank you for your view on this post,as you see this guy's poor English.I'm not a native-speaking English.

Beg for your pardon. Thanks a lot.


  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    Linux: more secure, open source (you can change to suit), cheaper (free)

    Php runs natively on Linux web servers (Apache, Tomcat, et al). You should not need to do much to make your current code run there, except to deal with Windows-specific cruft.

    My company serves up to 5 million users a day, and we don't use ANY Microsoft code for our servers.


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