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Ok, this part is the heaven of fish.


Maybe just not like most of you.I'm not a native-speaking English (you can found how poor this guy's skill of English).But I love the freedom software and opening source,though I'm just a fish.

Write this post by the translation tools.haha.


  • marcmarc Posts: 647
    Welcome aboard :)
  • woboylewoboyle Posts: 501
    So, what is your native language / mother tongue? Many of us speak/read multiple languages. I am fluent in English and Spanish.
  • soliosolio Posts: 11
    I don't know how to reply to you , why there isn't any button for 'reply'. I'm Chinese. thanks Rubberman, you are considerate to me. Thanks a lot.
  • woboylewoboyle Posts: 501
    No button any longer - just a "Post a reply" form. Then click on the "Submit" button. Wish I spoke/read Chinese. I have a number of Chinese colleagues at my company who can translate for me if needed.
  • soliosolio Posts: 11
    Oh! It's so cool, but I want to know how it make it that systems know who my posts is posted to.
    And you're a kind-hearted man.
  • woboylewoboyle Posts: 501
    Well, it is a small world, and getting smaller all the time! In my direct team for Performance, Capacity Planning, and Analytics which consists of about 8 people, we have:

    1 Chinese
    1 Vietnamese
    2 Russian
    4 Americans

    In our division (location), we have Russian, Mexican, Brazilian, American, Indian, Pakistani, Ukranian, Finnish, Chinese, Vietnamese, British, Scandanavian (other than Finnish), and too many others to list... :-) Men, women, and indeterminate, as well as every race in existence. If you are prejudiced against anyone, this is NOT a good place to work! :lol:
  • soliosolio Posts: 11
    Oh!What anything else I could say. I appreciate your workplace that contains so many race people.I extremelu admire that.
    And can I have your email for contacting with you(I won't offend you much time,and my vision in software industry is so limited although there are many resource on the internet,if I know someone professor in this, I will get a long vista.)?
    if not,thank you the same
  • woboylewoboyle Posts: 501
    edited March 2012
    You can contact me via the Linux.com email feature. I will answer you. Click on my avatar and then the "Message" button. You can then send me an email directly.
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