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I need help installing apps


I just downloaded a couple of things on my Windows system and transferred them via usb stick to my Mint 12 desktop. Now I am a total newbie and have no idea how to install them on the computer. I know very little about directories, paths or any of the other things that I'm sure I need to do this. What I downloaded are the following:



I'm not really sure that I have the right apps that I was after but I think I do. Anyway if someone out there can give me a step by step way of installing these in very simple terms it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Roadtrash


  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    I doubt those are what you need.

    You should look for *.deb files.

  • jazzycool
    I have many apps installed on my laptop in linux. And i m totally new to the world of Linux and i want to know that where to find my installed app to be in use for me.
  • celldee
    celldee Posts: 1
    If you are using Linux Mint and are new to Linux then you can use the Software Manager to manage your applications. If you are using a recent version of Ubuntu then you will find the Ubuntu Software Centre does a similar job.

    Each Linux distribution should provide documentation to help you get started. I've included a couple of links below if you use Linux Mint or Ubuntu.

    Linux Mint documentation can be found here - http://www.linuxmint.com/documentation.php
    Ubuntu documentation can be found here - https://help.ubuntu.com/




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