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I am so green when it comes to linux. I installed it yesterday.

Cant figure out hot to get a torrent program going

I used to use utorrent but any will do

dont have a clue



  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    Search using the word "torrent" in your Package Management application. I use Ktorrent in KDE, or you can use "transmission" in Gnome. Open the app, point it at a torrent, then activate it. Simple as that. If you've used utorrent, it works the same in Linux.
  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    There are a number of good bittorrent clients for Linux. I like ktorrent.
  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    Ktorrent works wonderfully here :)



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