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Introduction + what's up with Linux Ultimate OS website?

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I'm a Linux noob and I'm currently trying out several distros in a multi-boot system on two hard drives.

I know nothing at all about the command-prompt... any time I've had to use the terminal for anything, I've been lucky to get help at one of the forums, and people have given me commands to copy-and paste ;-)

I have a 120 Gb Crucial C-300 SSD that has my Win 7 Pro and Win 8 Developer's Preview, and on a 1 TB Caviar Black I have Mint 12 Gnome, Mint 12 KDE, Zorin 5.2 (which I like a lot!), and Ubuntu 11.1 (which I don't really care for.)

I also have a partition reserved for Ultimate OS. I had Ultimate 3.0 installed and took it off for some reason... even though I really liked it too. The last I saw their website, there was a tease about Ultimate OS 3.0.1. But for a couple of weeks now, their site has been down.

Does anyone have any info about what's going on there?




  • Goineasy9
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    No info, the site is down. The word was they were switching from Ubuntu base to Mint base, maybe that didn't turn out so well. Maybe they didn't pay their hoster bill. Your guess is a good as ours.
    If you're really interested in getting to the bottom of it, why not try asking in a Mint or Ubuntu IRC channel. I don't know which ones to point you to, but if you're into detective work, go for it.


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