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How to Install Linux on your PC







Written By: William Colton Moore

email: koddemiester@yahoo.com



Depending on if you have an old Pc or new

one there are 32-bit


Most linux distro have both, find out what your

computer runs at. You can go to linux.com, navigate

to downloads. There you'll find many distro of linux.

Download which ever seems fitting for your pc. Some

distro's are in mirror files.

Unbuntu however is not. IT is still

one of the most widely used Linux Distro!

The community is very welcoming and will

help you with any problems.

Download.......%100 done.

you can either burn the ISO file to a disc or USB boot.


/___________(CD-ROM )_________Burning on a disc can be very tricky. There are many free ISO burners on the internet. Just download and install one.

Any will do. Onces installed, Run program, burn ISO to your disc. If you do this part right you will simply shutdown your

computer with the disc in the CD-ROM drive Restart and run the disc. There is an option to run from disc or install. You now have Linux my friend

//___________________ (If you need to USB boot the OS (Linux). you must format the USB drive to a fat32 to boot. When you

restart your computer sometimes your system will not notice the flash drive and auto boot your primary OS.

If you cant find a way around this you may want to download PLOP.

///_________{PLOP MANAGER}__________ PLOP in my eyes, is a gateway when all hope is lost. If your CD-ROM is broken, your computer

wont USB boot then the road would have ended and you'd be stuck with Windows. I find version PLPbt-5.0.13 works get. Install PLOP manager

to your computer. Then go in to the windows folder

of your PLOP. Click on InstaltobootMenu It should be a MS-D

OS Batch File.

Once clicked it will pull up a Command prompt displaying this dos box


{ [-][[[[[X] }

| C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe |

| |


| ADD/install the Plop boot Manager to the Windows boot menu |

| Plop Boot Manager -Written by Elmar Hanlhofer www.plop.at |

| |

| Read and accept the license agreement! |

| |

| Add the Plop Boot Manager to the Windows boot menu? |

| {y,n} |



Plop will install and run before your Windows OS starts. Now When you restart your PC

PLOP BOOT MANAGER will appear along side with a Windows choice.

Hit the [<---enter] key</p>

{while Plop is highlighted}.

When it starts up there will be options to boot your Linux distro

|USB|You can now USB boot.( ) formated USB.

|CR-ROM|If you burn Linux on a disc you can boot from the CD-ROM.



Ubuntu will start you off with a Run from disc/USB or install

When installing you can choice how much room to allow your Linux to have on your HDD (hard drive).

This is much safer then trying it on your own in Windows. I split my 80gb HDD {WINDOWS OS[40gb]}-{^)LINUX OS[40gb}

onces you have it up and running, there should be severe updates. It would be wise to install them.

Linux has terminal has many text editors inside. type nano and you can get a feel for it.

you can lookup directory and even make shortcuts to save on time.





If you allow Linux to have to much space on the hard drive

it could effect your Windows OS. Basically do not over lap storage.

Since there on the same hard drives it could effect both and end badly.

Even if you use the bare minimal amount of hard drive space to run Linux,

it will run well enough for your needs.

Linux is a very powerful OS. some systems have bee know to stay up

and running with Linux for over five years! So whatever your need Linux is there.


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