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How to reinstall windows 7 on my pc using zorin


I have installed Zorin on my laptop and am now wanting to sell it. I need to reformat or remove Zorin as to reinstall my windows 7 program from Acers erecovery disk. I dont know how to remove all of Zorin. Help. Thanks.


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    Just run the restore program from Acer's recovery disk. If you read what recovery does, it resets the whole hard disk and installs Windows just the way it was when you first bought the machine. At least that's the way my Dell recovery program works. There's no need to delete anything because it will wipe everything but the recovery partition, if that's where your recovery program is. If it's actually on a CD or DVD, it should do the same thing.

    I would Google your Acer machine with the model number and the word recovery, and read up on what it does exactly, to make sure it works like all the other Windows recovery programs.


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