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i have got issues i cant resolve so was wandering if i am able to reboot linux from scratch

system info is as follows

model aspire one

operating system linpus linux lite v1.0.13.E

cpu intel(r) atom(tm) cpu n270 @1.60ghz

system memory 512 mb

hard drive 8gb

battery li-on 2200may

bios version vo.3109

any help would be great


  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    Reboot or reinstall?

    And whats the question exactly?
  • neale123
    when i try to install anything it wants paswords wich we dont no so i would like to start linux from scratch if possible
  • chekkizhar
    you can look for the default password for your distro in net.

    for example Slack has default password as "toor" for "root" user

    Or create a super user password, [ if it not created previously ]
    "sudo passwd root"

  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    If you do not have the passwords for your system, there are ways to reset the root password. I'm not sure what Linpus shows when it is booting up, but, if you see the grub screen (it would be the screen that has a list of kernel, and maybe a choice for memtest) you can stop the boot at that point and add a "1" to the kernel line and then go through a few commands to reset the password. We need to know if you see the grub screen first. Maybe give a list of what screens or what screen changes you see while you are booting up.
    I'm looking into what the Linpus system looks like, I mentioned it in another thread that you wrote. If I can find something, it'll make it easier to help you. If you can tell us what you see, it'll make things easier.
  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    I would take any of the big distros and install it on your laptop. Opensuse, Fedora or Ubuntu will probably work well :)

  • nixsavy
    nixsavy Posts: 11
    How you are trying to install ? are you installing using root ?

    If you question is about reseting root password try below url thats shows how to login single user mode. Or if u want try new opensource OS I would suggest ubuntu or mint.

    If none above , let me know what your real question :)
  • prashantkadre
    I do agree with Deop, Ubuntu will work absolutely fine.

    Bit still if you willing to reset your existing OS root password then please do follow below.

    during the booting time by pressing any key on keyboard you will get an option to enter into grub menu and from their you can edit kernal version and reset password by passwd command it will help you to reset password for root which is super user.


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