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what did I do wrong.. this time

this is what I have in bash_profile

# User specific environment and startup programs


export PATH

I get error: Failed to get the abd version: Cannot run program "/home/bill/android-sdks/platform-tools/abd" No such file or directory.


  • I suppose adb is an executable inside the directory platform-tools, right? The error you get is not related to your PATH, which you exported it correctly. The thing is that you either don't have execution privileges in platform-tools, either the executable is not compatible with your platform, eg. a 64-bit executable on a 32-bit OS.

  • thank you for your responce.
  • Good call Vanth, Yep it was a platform issue. Only with numbers reversed. way down in the fine print there is a fix. Of course that leads to the next issue. They showed the fix for ubuntu: they said to check with Fedora. You guys are the brains though so I figured you would know.
    For ubuntu it is apt-get install ia32-libs

    since I'm Fedora I did yum install same name. It failed could not find. is there an alt for ia32-libs?
  • Unfortunately there is no such package in fedora repositories (yet)...Instead of that, you can track down the dependencies you need (there are many ways to do that eg. read software's specifications,use readelf command, use ldd command etc.) and then install them like that in the example below:
    yum whatprovides */libgthread-2.0.so

    This will return you some results. You need the one that ends in .i386



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