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where do I open .tar

files automatically download to Download. Is that where I should have it when I extract and install?


  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    What do you download the files with? firefox? There is an option for that,just have a look at the settings.

    You can extract and install files anywhere you want


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    What program are you trying to extract and install? Some programs may belong in /home, while others may be better off in /opt, it all depends. If you bring up the File Manager and go to the correct folder, a right click will usually give you the opportunity to extract the file, giving you the choice of where you want to extract it.
  • In addition to what GoinEasy9 wrote, you can do it via terminal. If you just want to extract something in the same directory you can type:
    tar xvf myfile.tar

    tar zxvf myfile.tar.gr

    tar xjvf myfile.tar.bz2

    If you want to extract to another directory, you just type:
    tar -C /path/to/destination/ xvf myfile.tar

    Welcome to our beloved Linux,
  • marc
    marc Posts: 647
    tar xvf $FILENAME

    Should work for any kind of file/compression used


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