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Best Directory for Personal info/man/reference documents?

GrouchoMarxist Posts: 56
edited January 2012 in Getting Started with Linux

I am interested in creating my own "how-to" and "faq" .txt documents for quick reference on my Debian GNU/Linux system. These documents contain sample code for programs like abcde and other cli applications I use daily in the event of my forgetting syntax and the like.

I've reviewed information on the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard but I am still confused as to what to do.

If it exists, Which directory would you recommend I store these documents in? I would like to implement these suggestions on all my machines.


  • Why don't you just put them in your home folder? Files made the user usually go there. Are you trying to put them in another folder?
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    If the documents will be read-only then you may want to create a directory such as /usr/share/doc/personal and create a symlink to that directory called doc in /etc/skel, this will guarantee that all users will have the symlink placed into their home directories when the accounts are created.


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