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chapter 16 service keys exercise: cannot ssh into docker container

servet Posts: 3
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in chapter 15 exercise, I pushed the docker container to my local pcfdev. AT it is working fine.

But for chapter 16 servide keys section , when i want to ssh in to docker container i get below error

cf ssh workerdocker


Error: SSH session allocation failed: EOF

my cf version 6.33.1+c77e55743.2017-12-15

pcfdev version : v0.547.0

i push the docker image using cf push workerdocker --docker-image engineerbetter/worker-image

thanks a lot



  • Hi Servet,

    Can you verify that you have enabled ssh for the app using `cf enable-ssh <APP>`?  If so, can you turn on CF Trace with `cf config --trace=true`, re-run the SSH command, and provide the output?



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