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Fedora -> Protected multilib versions

I just have tried to install software with YUM and I got the error "Protected multilib versions: glibc-2.14.90-21.x86_64 != glibc-2.14.90-14.i686"

Does any one know how could I solve this problem?



  • Generally in few cases if you are sure that installing this software/component will not cause any issues or inconsistency, you can kindly try with "force" mode options.

    Kindly check YUM options either in man pages or via YUM help in bash CLI. You can get options on the same.
    As you know this is also applicable for RPM install too,
    For example you can give:
    # rpm -ivh --no-deps --force <abcd.rpm>

    I hope something like this is available for YUM also.

  • Thanks a lot!
    I did not use that command but something
    I cleaned duplicated packages

    # package-cleanup --dupes
    # package-cleanup --cleandupes
  • Thank you actually posting your commands, actually I never used this command.
    Thank you, I think in future if there is an inconsistency in system, then I use your commands too to clean up duplicates :)

    Usually I use the options "force" to override the settings, I know it is not safe, but most of the time gets the job done of forced installation.
  • sfiras1
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    Thank you guys i had been searching for solution for this problem a lot.
    really thank you both :)


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