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Looking for some community support!


Hi guys!

I'm currently in the process of developing a brand new Linux Info, Tips, Tricks and Community site! We're going to be helping make Linux a real alternative, and showing people how easy it is to switch.

We're looking to become friends of the Linux Community, and not competition, as we'll be completely non-commercial, so we're looking for people who are interested in contributing to topics and to the main sections of the Distribution, sharing there knowledge and helping promote Linux!

Our main focus, drive, and aim is to bring people to the Operating System, provide support for the Operating System and build a strong community around it, and our ultimate goal is to be able to support Distros and Open Source Projects all over the world.

We're looking for people who would be interested in improving, developing and contributing towards the site, on any Distro, helping change it, re-word it, create tutorials, videos and how-to's.

If you're interested in helping out head over to http://choose-linux.com and enter your email, then we'll get back to you when we're ready to launch! You can also PM me or reply on the thread too!

Thanks for your time guys.




  • Bioshox

    I have got your submission and I will contact you further regarding Choose Linux.

    Weird about that PHP Error, but I will look into it!
  • Nickrameau
    This is great, I know a bunch about PHP (currently learning it, MySql and Ajax), and I am pretty good at CSS, HTML, JavaScript and Jquery, maybe I could help maintaining the site with you, if you want.
    I will also post in the forums also, I just started using Ubuntu (Maybe I could hold the "Ubuntu" forums).
    If you think I can help, just message me at rjbernick@yahoo.com or reply here.


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