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hi. i am downloading things and they are going into the arcive and when i click to open the files it comes up with a load of files. what do i click!?

i really cant figure it out.

also, what is a good, free screen recorder.


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    What files are you downloading? Different files open up differently. If you open up your file manager, which should be Dolphin in Mint 12, right clicking on the file should open it, but, it opens music files different than text files etc. Be more specific so we can help you better. Remember, the more info you give us, the more info we can give you.

    I'm using recordmydesktop as a screen recorder, I'm using ksnapshot as a way to take a single screenshot. Both of these are KDE centric, but if you do a search in your Package Management application, and use the search terms "record desktop" and/or "snapshot" it should bring up more alternatives, at least the ones specific for Mint and Gnome. Just make sure you search by description and not just by filename, you get better results.


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